Prasad Ayurveda

We are grateful to the gentle sweet cow, India, and Ayurveda for sharing this precious gift

Prasad Ayurveda is a family owned business and we care deeply about the holistic well being of our clients.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive selection of essential elements of a healthy diet based on the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. Through our products we seek to promote health, vigor and an opportunity to get the most from life.


Each member of our team is equally as passionate about applying the principles of Ayurveda for themselves, children and loved ones.

We believe that ghee is the foundational element of a pure, nutritious diet that facilitates the proper assimilation of all other beneficial nutrients provided in wholesome foods.

At Prasad Ayurveda, we are dedicated to quality and value, Certified Canada Organic, and accountability in the sourcing of our products.

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  • Chris Vavatsikos
    Chris Vavatsikos

    Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Chris met his wife-to-be Subhadra (Sue as he likes to call her) in 1993. They married in 1999, and now have 4 beautiful, amazing, and inspiring children. The birth of their children ignited their passion and desire for a healthier and cleaner lifestyle and their dedication to organic and wholesome foods. Ayurveda is now a part of their everyday lives and continues to inspire them to make healthier choices for their children, family and the environment.

    Chris and Sue moved to Central America (Costa Rica and Panama) for a few years to experience what’s it’s like to live a simpler way of life. While there, they learned about the culture and became fluent in Spanish. They truly enjoyed the warm weather, the clean air and the long empty beaches. Chris was involved with several initiatives including the building of bamboo greenhouses, a cob cottage project, an organic agriculture project and an organic food distribution project.

  • Sue Allard
    Sue Allard

    Born in Regina and raised in Montreal, Sue is an elementary school teacher by trade and loved teaching and inspiring her students. After the birth of her children, she began to study and learn as much as she could about healthy living, healthy foods and gentler healing choices such as homeopathy, herbs, and Ayurveda. She eventually focused on Ayurveda which quickly became a passion and her focus. She received her foundational Ayurvedic training from Vaidya Anita Sharma in Montreal and continues to further her studies focusing on Herbology and Ayurveda for women, mothers and children. Bhakti yoga and hatha yoga continue to feed her mind and soul.

    Subhadra loves learning, reading, brewing teas (on most days, there will be a pot or two of tea brewing on the stove), mixing herbs, creating herbal oils and ghees and is now inspired to grow organic herbs and foods in their city backyard. The couple is dedicated to inspiring others to make healthier choices for themselves, their families, the future and the planet.

  • Ryan Archibald
    Ryan Archibald

    Ryan grew up between Montreal and Toronto, finally settling in Montreal as a young adult. From there he and his wife and 2 children embarked on an extraordinary adventure into Central America where they lived for 7 years and saw the addition of 2 more children to the family. His adventures gave him the opportunity to explore many alternative ways of living and working through organic agriculture and natural, sustainable building, even building his own house from a mixture of bamboo framing and clay/sand walls and drinking milk straight from the neighbours’ cows.

    Ryan lives by the inspiration of the Vedas and is passionate about sharing their wisdom which includes all the benefits of pure, natural and spiritual food (Prasad).

    When Ryan is not tending to business he is most likely engaged in Krishna kirtan (chanting with musical instruments), japa (mantra mediation), absorbed in reading the Vedas (Srimad Bhagavatam) or wrestling with the kids !